A Crafty Day Out

Hi there!

It’s been a while, I simply haven’t been doing much crafting of note, there have been some birthday cards, and of course I have kept up with smashbooking, but aside from long-winded update type posts, I have lacked motivation to blog! But here I am!

Recently I entered a giveaway run by twitter group #CraftBlogClub, and won two tickets to…


So along with Helen AKA my Boyfriend’s mum, I went to London on Friday!

My aim was not to shop (I need to de-stash, not add more!) not that I went home empty-handed!! But to get inspired by all the creative goodness around, and I have! So yay! Success!

I took a whole bunch of photos, and thought I’d share some here:

I just had to stop and say hi to a couple of people who were at the show all weekend, I got to thank Jenniffer Taylor for my Christmas present, as Helen and I stopped by the Create & Craft TV Selfie Wall…


Me and the fab Jenniffer Taylor!


Helen was pleased to meet Create & Craft TV’s Dean Wilson!

And if that wasn’t all I stopped by Mr X Stitch’s Inspiration Station to say hello, have a chat and get a selfie!


Me and Mr X Stitch!


I had a big thing for colour, and was loving all the textures en-mass, like all these wools and threads!


I loved these birds in the Toft area!

KSS4 I did actually get some new scissors…

I didn’t go home empty-handed!


Crochet lollipops! I also may have come home with some crochet hooks…

This of course wasn’t everything, I took so many photos, and chatted to some fab people!

And if that wasn’t enough, I spent the rest of the weekend shopping!

I find myself back home after a fun weekend, wanting to do so much! So watch this space for more crafty goodness!

Thank you to the lovely ladies of #CraftBlogClub for the opportunity!

Until next time!



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