Non Crafty: 2014

Moving this list to a post, to clear some page space, and ease scrolling…

Here was my Non-Crafty list for 2014

Read at least 6 books– fail….world of fail….

1 11/22/63 – Stephen King

2  Merry Christmas Alex Cross – James Patterson


Watch a film for each letter of the alphabet (this should be easy!)


A – Avengers Assemble (DVD)

B – Brothers Grimm (On Netflix)

C – Captain America – The First Avenger (on DVD) Captain America: The Winter Soldier (Cinema) Cowboys and Aliens (On Netflix)

D – Defendor (on Netflix)

E – Expendables 2 (DVD)

F – Fast & Furious [all 6] (DVD)

G – Grabbers (on Netflix) – A Good Day to Die Hard (DVD)

H – The Hobbit part II – The Desolation of Smaug (Cinema)

I – Iron Man (DVD) – Iron Man 2 (DVD) Incredible Hulk (DVD)

J – Jackie Brown (DVD)

K – Kick Ass 2 (DVD)

L – Little Voice (on Netflix)

M – My Neighbor Totoro (DVD)

N – Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist (on Netflix) Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind (DVD)

O – Outlander (on Netflix)

P – The Proposal (On Netflix)

Q – The Quick and the Dead (On Netflix)

R – Riddick (DVD) Robocop (1987) (On Netflix)

S – Skyfall (DVD) Super 8 (On Netflix)

T – Thor (DVD) Thor 2 – The Dark World (DVD)

U – Up (On Netflix)

V – Van Wilder (on Netflix)

W – The Worlds End (DVD) – Wild Child (On Netflix) Waiting (On Netflix)

X – xXx (DVD)

Y – Youth in Revolt (On Netflix)

Z – Zombieland (DVD)

I have watched many others, but this is just a few…

TV Series’ We’ve Watched –

American Horror Story (seasons 1 & 2)

Farscape (including The Peacekeeper Wars)

I’m Alan Partridge/Knowing Me Knowing You

Dusk til Dawn



Come Fly With Me

Mighty Boosh

The League of Gentlemen


Black Mirror

Sons of Anarchy

Fresh Meat

Friday Night Dinner


Flight of the Conchords



Prague, Cheddar, Sussex, Stratford, Birmingham, Warwick, Brecon Beacons (Wales),

Other suggestions welcome just add a comment!



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