#CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap 2015


After a longish absence, I return with some fun from Twitter group #CraftBlogClub and the latest challenge!


In March a new challenge was set, (the first since the Secret Santa in December, you can read about that HERE)  – The #CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap. The idea of this challenge is simple,  you are partnered with another attendee of Tuesday evening Twitter craft chat #CraftBlogClub (7-8:30pm every week) and each of you make your partner something using items from your crafty stash! A bit of a ‘spring clean’, in my case also a chance to tidy up my stash, the chance to create something for someone else, and of course in return, you get a surprise in the mail too! (And who doesn’t like a bit of happy mail!)

I was partnered with the amazing Katie from (this is true) Katie Gets Crafty! (No relation 😉 ) And yes we have laughed  over this in the past!

I thought for a while about what to make for my gift, always a struggle as I do so many crafts, though my first craft, and definite go-to is Cross Stitch. It so happens that Katie is getting married in a short while, and after a little bit of digging and quiet conversations in dark corners of Twitter, I decided to stitch something as a keepsake for their wedding day!


Photo courtesy of katiegetscrafty.com

I have a huge thread stash, so that wasn’t a problem. Of course I couldn’t go probing for info on the colour scheme, but then I remembered this vintage lilac aida which has been in my sewing chest for so long, as I waited for the perfect project to use it with. I also decided to use one of several of my embroidery hoops, and chose this slightly older more vintage-looking hoop. Then it was a matter of coming up with a simple design, and stitching. I went with a coordinating colour scheme, in pinks purples and a splash of white, and finished the whole thing with a pink ribbon for hanging! I finished the back making the choice to simply trim the edge of the fabric, and seal it to the hoop with a hot glue gun.

I was so pleased with the finished piece. But not more-so when Katie was so happy when she received it, my Twitter went mental(!) which made my day at work! Also upon sharing it with her fiancé, they have decided to take it with them to their wedding! I really am truly honored, and so incredibly glad they both like it.

If that wasn’t a gift enough. I received not one, but two presents from Katie! A gorgeous bag, which is the perfect size for me to take on my upcoming holiday, for all my inevitable shopping! And for winter, (which although far away, it’s always good to be prepared), some gorgeous knitted wrist warmers, which are so amazingly thick and warm, and such a stunning colour, I know I will want to wear them all the time!


I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge, so much so I can’t wait for the next one! Though I do have a couple of personal happy-mail projects I’m working on too, which I will share soon!

Another great thing about #CraftBlogClub is the friendliness of the ever-expanding group, and getting to know everyone, so to share the love I have invited everyone to share their links with me, to their challenge reveal posts, so you can check out some more wonderful creative goodness below, starting with Katie of course!

Until next time!


#CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap Reveal:

Katie’s Post – #CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap Challenge Reveal

Laydey Katabella – Spring Clean Gift Swap Challenge With #CraftBlogClub

ZoFlo – CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap


8 thoughts on “#CraftBlogClub Spring Clean Gift Swap 2015

  1. What a sweet keepsake you made for the couple. Great idea! And I have to say I’m eyeing those wrist warmers with envy.

    @ShonnaSlayton from
    Shonna Slayton YA Writer – Blogged the 1940’s from A to Z and now on the road trip

    • They are a blessing in winter with my job!! I’m a huge fan 🙂
      We are a welcoming bunch for all levels of crafty people! Come and say hi 🙂

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