Designed and Stitched by Me!


So I finally got around to sending my #craftblogclub Spring Clean Gift Swap gift last week, so I can now share with you patient lot, what I sent!

I was really stuck at first, I’d already decided I was going to cross-stitch something, but looking through the books I have, and online, I really struggled to find something I wanted to send.

After a while I hit pinterest, and saw just the thing, when I saw all the ‘word clouds’

This isn’t the only one I saw, but yeah… you get the idea

Except they aren’t cross-stitched…

So out came the graph paper, and I got to work looking up lettering instead!


This is of course how it started, see I gave you a bit of a clue!

I of course changed the design half way through (because I’m never satisfied haha, and I don’t have a photo handy but y’know)

Here is a photo of the finished piece (which I had to get from Lorna, as I was a little over eager to post it!):


I was really pleased with it! You can read about Lorna’s reaction in her post HERE.

Have a great Monday!



8 thoughts on “Designed and Stitched by Me!

  1. what a beautiful, inspired idea! and really splendid that you made the pattern yourself too! I can’t believe I haven’t seen more cross stitched word clouds – that is definately something you should stick with!

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