Something Special…


I have something special for you today, or more accurately; something special for me!

I’ve been involved with Craft Blog Club on Twitter for a couple of months now, it’s a networking hour (or so) that was started in September by Emma over at Frugally Peachy. We chat about a range of things every Tuesday evening (7-8pm UK time) all based on crafts and er blogging -the clue’s in the name really isn’t it? – And along with starting a blogging challenge in April, I also signed up for the Craft Blog Club, Spring Clean Gift Swap! The simple goal: Create and send a gift to a fellow #CraftBlogClub-ee, using only what you have lying around at home.

I will be sharing what I sent, with you next week, but today, I am going to share what I received from the lovely Lorna – You can check out her blog A Little Bit of Our Life HERE. I was very excited when last Tuesday Lorna tweeted me…

And a couple of days later, I did indeed receive my gift in the post! It was so exciting!



I opened the envelope and fell in love straight away when I saw it was wrapped with some pretty purple ribbon and a crochet butterfly! (It took all my patience to stop and take photos at this point!)




Inside I was delighted to find this gorgeous fabric basket!! I absolutely adore it, Just look at the details! SAM_2513The inside is even gorgeous!

Best of all, I had been storing my knitting in a gift bag since Christmas, due to not having anything to keep it in, so it has already been put to crafty use! And it’s making me smile every time I look at it!

I just hope Lorna will be as pleased with my gift to her, which I have now finished and will be posting tomorrow!

As it’s Monday, and cross-stitch update day, I will quickly share my finished X from last week… Something else, which after a quick iron over, I will be posting tomorrow! You can read the original post HERE.


Hope you’re having a great Monday!





11 thoughts on “Something Special…

  1. I did enjoy the #CraftBlogClub challenge, I enjoy receiving handmade loveliness in the post! Your fabric basket is fab. Hopefully tweet you at tomorrow’s chat x

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