B – Banoffee Pie

Hi there!

Todays recipe, is one I’ve been meaning to share for a while, I hadn’t made it for ages, and then last week the mood took me, which was incredibly fitting when suddenly I decided to get involved with the April A-Z Challenge, and recipe sharing day happened to be on the day I needed a post for the letter B!

So here’s the recipe:

Banoffee Pie


16 Digestive biscuits (there’s a weight guideline somewhere but I just know the amount now, you can of course use more or less than this but it’s pretty accurate!)

100g Butter (melted)

Caramel – now these days the lovely people at Carnation make their own caramel in a can, which is a timesaver. And I used this. You can of course use condensed milk and make your own caramel, which is the long-winded way of doing it, but if you so wish you can find the instructions HERE.

300ml Whipping Cream

3 small bananas

Chocolate/Cocoa Powder to decorate the top.


Crush the biscuits (put in a bag, wrap the bag in a tea-towel or similar, and bash with a rolling pin).

Mix with the melted butter

Press this to make a base in (ideally) a 23cm flan tin. (I pressed to make a base in a 20cm/8ins loose bottomed springform cake tin it worked fine. I recommend lining with baking paper).

Place this in the fridge while you do the next part…

If you’re making the caramel, you’ll obviously have read the above and know how much time you needed and you’ll have begun, at this stage. Now though I opened my tin of caramel and mixed it a bit in a bowl to make it easier to work with later, and left it to one side.

Whipping Cream. Now of course you can buy whipped cream. I think hand whipping is better, but you have many options, do what I did and work your arms for a bit:…


Thanks to Stu for providing photographic evidence of my whipping skills…

…Or you can use whipped cream from another source, or whip using an electric whisk.

Cut your bananas up into relatively even pieces.

Retrieve your base, and cover with an even layer of the caramel.

Layer on the banana.

Top with the cream. (I spooned mine on and left it a bit untidy at the top, your presentation is entirely up to you):


Finish with either some grated chocolate, or sprinkle on some cocoa powder.

Leave in the fridge for at least an hour to cool and set.

Here’s mine:


slightly ambitious photography here…

Enjoy! (Seriously this one is SO easy, give it a go!)


8 thoughts on “B – Banoffee Pie

    • 🙂 Thanks for commenting! Aside from time sitting in the fridge it takes about 20 minutes to prep (unless you’re making the caramel). It’s a great summer make!

  1. I’m guessing digestive biscuits are something akin to Nilla Wafers? A sort of crunchy cookie? Regardless, looks delish…am a huge fan of Banana Pies so will have to give it a go!

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