Kay’s Triple Choc Brownies


I mentioned before I’m getting back into baking, and I thought it would be a fun break if I was to post something here every week, and share some of the things I like to cook! SAM_1886

This first recipe, is one I have shared before, though it’s possibly my favourite, both to make, and to eat!

(Sorry but you’ll have to convert any measurements yourselves – because I’m too lazy to look them up!)

Kay’s Triple Choc Brownies!

Makes approx 24. SAM_0108


185g Butter

185g Plain Chocolate

85g Plain Flour

3 Eggs

275g Caster Sugar

100g Chocolate Chips (I use 50/50 white and milk chocolate)


Preheat oven to 160°c/325°f/gas mark 3

Melt the Butter and Plain Chocolate in a bowl (you can do this over a pan of hot water, or in a microwave).

Line a baking tin with baking paper.

In another bowl mix the Eggs and Caster Sugar until creamy.

When the chocolate mixture has cooled, add to the egg and sugar and fold together, sift in the Flour.

When this is well mixed, the texture should be quite stiff and “fudgy”, fold in the chocolate chips.

Pour mixture into the tin, and cook in the middle of the oven for 35 minutes.

Allow brownies to cool in the tin.

Cut, eat, enjoy.

These keep for a week or so in a sealed container, though they rarely last that long!



3 thoughts on “Kay’s Triple Choc Brownies

  1. Mmmmmm – I’m not a huge chocolate fan myself, but I have a house full of boys who would absolutely love those!

    I have a good (and very easy) recipe for banana muffins if you’re interested……….!


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